Amazon, known for its innovative e-commerce and cloud technologies, initially introduced the "Just Walk Out" technology in its Amazon Fresh stores, allowing customers to grab items and leave without traditional checkout. However, this concept is being phased out in the U.S., though it remains in the U.K. Amazon is now shifting its focus to smart shopping carts to streamline grocery shopping.

Key Update

Amazon’s "Just Walk Out" technology, which relied on cameras and sensors to automatically charge shoppers, is being replaced in U.S. Amazon Fresh stores. This shift comes after the technology failed to become widespread, partly due to consumer discomfort with being tracked and the high costs of implementation. Instead, Amazon is introducing the Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart that acts as a mobile self-checkout station. Shoppers can scan items, weigh produce, and see their receipt in real-time on a touchscreen. This change aims to make the shopping experience more intuitive and less invasive, potentially expanding to more Whole Foods locations and beyond.

Technical Terms

Just Walk Out Technology

A system that allows shoppers to pick items and leave the store without going through a traditional checkout, using cameras and sensors to track purchases.

Dash Cart

A smart shopping cart equipped with scanners, scales, and a touchscreen to facilitate self-checkout as shoppers add items to the cart.


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