Glassdoor, a platform cherished for its anonymity, allowing employees to leave unfiltered reviews about their workplaces, has found itself at the center of controversy. This shift traces back to its acquisition of Fishbowl, a professional networking site requiring identity verification. This integration has sparked concerns over privacy and the safeguarding of user anonymity, highlighting the delicate balance between transparency and user trust in the digital age.

Key Update

Recent reports have surfaced that Glassdoor, known for its anonymous company reviews, has begun attaching real names to user profiles without their consent. This change is attributed to Glassdoor's acquisition of Fishbowl in 2021, which necessitates identity verification. Users, including ones named Monica and Josh in reports, found their personal information, inaccurately in some cases, added to their profiles. Glassdoor's stance seems conflicted; while a manager insisted on the necessity of real names, a spokesperson claimed users could remain anonymous. The situation has sparked outrage and concern among users, fearing for their privacy and potential retaliation from employers. Glassdoor defends its policy as a commitment to transparency and user choice, despite growing skepticism and the risk of undermining its foundational promise of anonymity.

Response from Glassdoor CEO here:

Technical Terms


The act of publicly identifying or publishing private information about someone without their consent.

Data Breach

A security incident in which information is accessed without authorization.

Relevance to New Tech Career Seekers

For individuals venturing into the tech industry, understanding the implications of Glassdoor's policy change is crucial. It underscores the importance of managing one's digital footprint and being aware of how personal information is handled by platforms. This situation also highlights the need for caution when reviewing employers online, reminding job seekers to consider privacy implications in their career decisions.