Google has been a vital supporter of technological innovation and startup growth globally. The company is known for its wide array of services, including the Google Cloud platform, and initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurial talent through funding, mentorship, and product support. Amidst the challenges faced by Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict, Google has taken steps to support the country's tech industry and humanitarian needs.

Key Update

Google is reinforcing its commitment to Ukraine's tech ecosystem by launching a second $10M fund through the Startup Ukraine Support Fund initiative, set to support Ukrainian startups during 2024 and 2025. Following the model of its initial stage, the fund will announce selected startups throughout the year, providing them with up to $200,000 in equity-free funding. Additionally, beneficiaries will gain access to Google's expertise through mentorship, product support, and $300,000 in Google Cloud credits. This move is part of Google's broader effort to assist Ukraine, with over $45M in direct aid and $7M for humanitarian efforts allocated since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine. The first Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund, established in March 2022, has already supported 58 startups with $5M in grants.

Technical Terms

Equity-free funding

Financial support given to startups without the giver taking any ownership stake in return.

Google Cloud credits

Vouchers or credits that can be used to access Google Cloud services, helping reduce the cost of cloud computing resources.