Metro Boomin, a renowned music producer, inadvertently made history by using an AI-generated sample in his recent track "BBL Drizzy." This move, sparked by a diss from Drake, has spotlighted the potential of AI in music production.

Key Update

When Metro Boomin responded to Drake's diss with "BBL Drizzy," he utilized a sample created by Udio, an AI music startup. The sample featured a vintage-sounding soul vocalist, who turned out to be entirely AI-generated. This marked the first major instance of AI-generated sampling in commercial music. The track quickly went viral, and the incident highlighted how AI can simplify the complex and often lengthy process of sample clearance. Udio’s co-founder, David Ding, emphasized that AI could streamline rights management and generate realistic, genre-specific music, opening new doors for producers. Despite the excitement, legal and ethical issues regarding AI's use of copyrighted material remain unresolved, necessitating caution and transparency in its application.

Technical Terms

AI-Generated Sample

A piece of music created entirely by artificial intelligence, mimicking the sound and style of human-made samples.

Sample Clearance

The legal process of obtaining permission to use a portion of a pre-existing song in a new composition.