Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, is expanding its policy on AI-generated content. The change involves labeling a broader range of AI-generated material, including video, audio, and images, starting in May. These labels aim to improve transparency and help users understand when content has been created or manipulated using AI tools.

Key Update

Meta announced it will begin labeling AI-generated content with "Made with AI" badges, extending its current policy beyond videos manipulated to make someone appear to say something they didn't. The new policy includes a broader range of content, addressing the growing use of AI to create realistic audio, images, and videos. Meta's Oversight Board influenced this update after critiquing the company's existing rules on manipulated media for being too narrow. The company will apply these labels based on user disclosure or through its detection system, which identifies industry-standard AI image indicators. Additionally, Meta will moderate AI-generated content differently. Starting in July, it will no longer remove AI-generated material unless it violates other community guidelines, such as those regarding bullying, harassment, or voter interference. This shift aims to offer more context and transparency instead of outright removal. The changes occur ahead of critical elections in the U.S. and Europe, where generative AI technologies could significantly impact public opinion. Meta's new approach responds to this challenge by providing users with more information about AI-generated content without overly restricting freedom of expression.

Technical Terms

AI Generated Content

Content created using artificial intelligence tools, often producing realistic images, audio, or video.


A type of AI-generated content where videos are manipulated to make people appear to do or say things they never did.

Relevance to New Tech Career Seekers

This policy change is significant for those interested in tech careers, particularly in AI, content moderation, and social media. Understanding Meta's evolving approach to AI-generated content helps tech professionals stay ahead of trends in AI regulation and social media governance. Additionally, it provides insights into the ethical considerations around AI and the impact of AI-generated content on public discourse.

Relevance to Small Business Owners

For small business owners, Meta's new labeling policy could affect how they engage with customers on social media platforms. As Meta implements more AI content labels, businesses need to ensure transparency in their marketing strategies. This policy shift underscores the importance of clear communication and can guide businesses to adopt ethical practices when using AI tools for content creation. Moreover, understanding these changes can help businesses navigate the evolving social media landscape during election seasons and beyond.




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