Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, has released a report highlighting significant trends in smartphone and social media use among young children. This annual study explores how kids interact with digital media and the implications for their safety online.

Key Update

Ofcom's latest research reveals that nearly 25% of children aged 5-7 in the UK now own a smartphone. The use of social media in this age group has also surged, with about 40% using platforms like WhatsApp, despite age restrictions. Parental enforcement of these rules appears to be weakening, with many children lying about their age to access these apps. The report serves as a wake-up call for tech companies to better protect young users. Industry experts and campaigners are advocating for stricter age limits and better monitoring to safeguard children's online experiences.

Technical Terms


The UK Office of Communications, responsible for regulating the TV, radio, and telecommunications industries.


Real-time streaming of video content over the internet.

Online Safety Act

A proposed UK legislation aimed at improving online safety, particularly for children.


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