Ukraine has introduced a groundbreaking AI-generated spokesperson named Victoria Shi, designed to deliver official statements for its foreign ministry. This digital spokesperson marks a significant technological advancement in diplomatic communication.

Key Update

On Wednesday, Ukraine's foreign ministry presented Victoria Shi, an AI-generated "digital person" who will make official statements on behalf of the ministry. While the statements will still be written and verified by humans, the AI will generate the visual representation of Shi. Modeled on Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former reality TV contestant, Victoria Shi is designed to save time and resources for diplomats. The statements will include a QR code linking to text versions on the ministry's website to ensure authenticity and avoid fakes. This innovation highlights Ukraine's embrace of AI to enhance efficiency in government operations.

Technical Terms


Created using artificial intelligence, particularly in generating visual or interactive content.

Digital Person

A virtual or AI-created human-like figure used for communication or representation.

Relevance to New Tech Career Seekers

For those entering the tech field, Ukraine's use of an AI-generated spokesperson demonstrates the expanding role of AI in public relations and government communication. It showcases potential career opportunities in AI development, digital communication, and content verification, highlighting the importance of skills in AI and machine learning.


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