The Vision Pro, a highly anticipated tech device, is set to release in a week, stirring the app development community into a flurry of activity. This device seems to cater to both general productivity and entertainment, attracting a diverse array of applications. Ahead of its release, developers are eagerly updating and creating apps to leverage the new capabilities offered by the Vision Pro.

Key Update

With the Vision Pro's arrival just around the corner, the buzz is all about the 154 apps tailored for its debut. Top players like TestFlight and Keynote are already optimized, ensuring that developers and presenters can hit the ground running. Zoom's inclusion signals a nod towards the importance of connectivity in our digital age, while the Night Sky app hints at the device's advanced display capabilities. Curiously, Box's presence raises eyebrows — what is prompting the move? Meanwhile, Disney+ is conspicuously absent, sparking speculation that a major update is in the pipeline to dazzle users on launch day.

Technical Terms


An app that allows developers to test beta versions of their iOS apps before final release.

Beta Version

An early version of a software released to a limited audience to identify bugs or performance issues.


A streaming service that offers movies and TV series produced by The Walt Disney Company.

Relevance to New Tech Career Seekers

For those starting in tech, the Vision Pro's app lineup is a showcase of market demands and developer opportunities. Understanding which apps are prioritized for a new device can offer insights into industry trends and skills in demand. Plus, it's a reminder of the importance of staying adaptable and ready to learn new platforms.

Relevance to Small Business Owners

Small business owners should note the types of apps emerging for the Vision Pro. The presence of productivity tools like Keynote and Zoom suggests a focus on business utility, while entertainment apps like Disney+ (pending release) indicate a balance between work and play. This knowledge can guide decisions on app investments and customer engagement strategies.