Mark Zuckerberg, the tech mogul behind Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), has made headlines with his take on Apple's latest innovation, the Vision Pro. Meta, renowned for its contributions to social media and virtual reality, has been in a subtle rivalry with Apple, especially in the virtual reality space. The Quest 3 headset, Meta's flagship VR device, stands as a direct competitor to Apple's Vision Pro.

Key Update

Zuckerberg recently took to Instagram to share his personal review of the Apple Vision Pro, comparing it unfavorably with Meta's Quest 3 headset. In a video that quickly went viral, he cited several advantages of the Quest 3 over the Vision Pro, including its lower price point ($500 vs. $3,500), lighter weight, better comfort, superior hand tracking, and an extensive content library. Zuckerberg highlighted the Quest 3's design optimizations for common mixed reality uses like gaming, socializing, and web browsing. Despite acknowledging some features of the Vision Pro, such as eye tracking, Zuckerberg argued that Meta's approach to an open model for third-party developers and content, akin to Microsoft's successful strategy in the PC era, positions Meta as a leader in the mixed reality space.

Technical Terms

Mixed Reality (MR)

A blend of physical and digital worlds, creating new environments where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.


Technology that allows users to see the real world around them through a headset, blending digital content with the physical environment.


The extent of the observable world seen at any given moment through a device like a VR headset.

Relevance to New Tech Career Seekers

Understanding the dynamics between major tech companies like Meta and Apple can provide valuable insights into the tech industry's future directions, especially in emerging fields like mixed reality. For those starting in tech, knowing the latest technological advancements and industry rivalries can inform career choices and skill development, particularly in software development, content creation, and user experience design.

Relevance to Small Business Owners

Small business owners looking to innovate could benefit from integrating mixed reality into their operations or marketing strategies, especially given the accessibility and affordability of platforms like Meta's Quest 3. Staying informed about the latest tech trends and product comparisons can help businesses make savvy investments in technology that enhances customer experiences and operational efficiency.